wall mounted bathroom vanity

Tips on choosing the wall mounted bathroom vanity

Whether you are going to build a bathroom in your new house or renovate the existing bathroom, choosing a new vanity along with the unique set of your requirements will be a great choice. You have to choose a vanity sizes only according to your space availability. Many house owners don’t have a prior experience in choosing the suitable size of vanity for their bathroom. For such kinds of people, the following tips will be very helpful at all.

Finding a right vanity size:

The existing plumbing and floor plan of your bathroom are the baselines for finding where you should install a vanity and also its size. Once you have fixed a spot in your mind, then you can find a suitable measurement of the vanity for your bathroom.

  • Depth – It is essential leaving enough space for the traffic lanes because the overhanging corners wouldn’t catch you. If the house owners are setting up a vanity into a bay, it is highly significant width for the clean finish.
  • Width – It is highly necessary to check that available elements such as built-ins and doorways will be able to properly open after the installation of vanity.
  • Height – If you have any mirrors, medicine cabinets or light fixtures in the bathroom, you have to consider all of them before determining a height of the vanity.

By considering all these important factors, you can absolutely choose the standard bath vanity sizes.

Other important considerations:

When it comes to the vanity installation in your bathroom, you have to consider some other important factors such as,

  • Number of sinks – Depending on the width of your vanity, you can install one, two or three sinks possibly in your bathroom.
  • Mounting options – There are actually vanities available with the different mounting options such as wall mount, freestanding and corner mounting. If you pick a wall mounted bathroom vanity, it will give a modern look to your bathroom and also it offers the less storage.

Along with these considerations, you can customize several other factors to install a perfect vanity in your bathroom. They include the type of sinks, the material of the sink and a total vanity setup.


It is optional having the faucet or backsplash in your vanity based on your style requirements. In order to have the best finish and style, you can also separately buy a faucet and set up in your existing vanity.